Construction Of Mini Great Wall In Bandipur At Final Stage

Mukundeshwori mini great wall, a trekking trail along with a wall resembling the Great Wall of China, which is being constructed at Bandipur Gaunpalika in Tanahun has reached its final stage. This mini great wall is being constructed with the financial aid of the Gunpalika.

The construction of a 1,100-metre mini great wall was initiated in a bid to further promote the tourism of Bandipur, which is popularly known as the queen of the hills.
It is expected that following the completion of the structure, the mini great wall will lure more tourists in this hilltop settlement, which is also called a natural view tower, from where people can have an excellent view of the mountains.
The Gaunpalika has already spent Rs. 7 million for its construction, said Gaunpalika chair Purna Singh Thapa.
“The wall starts from Thanimai Temple at Bandipur Gaunpalika-2 and ends at Mukundeshwori hill, the place once ruled by the then King Mukunda Sen,” said Thapa.
The Gaunpalika will make an arrangement of horse riding along this trekking trail, said Thapa.
Additionally, this would also help generating employment for young people and serve as a source of income for the Gaunpalika, he added.
He further said, “We have named this trekking trail as Mukundeshwori mini great wall. The wall of this trail will be three metre wide.”
The local authority had also aimed to construct a museum atop the Mukundeshwori hill, said Thapa, adding that once the construction of the structure would complete, the Gaunpalika would conduct horse riding training for local youth.
According to Thapa, the Gaunpalika has aimed to develop Bandipur as a centre of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan, which are tourism centers of the country.
“The structure looks more attractive because the construction of this mini great wall is unique in itself,” said Manoj Shrestha, a local journalist.
Kishan Pradhan, chairperson of Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, said this mini great wall would turn out to be a major tourist attraction of Bandipur. “This structure may lure more tourists post COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.
Bandipur is a hilltop settlement that lies in the middle of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan and connected by a 9-km access road from Dumre Bazar, from Prithivi Highway.
One can have an excellent view of the mountains, like Annapurna range, Macchapurchhre, Manasalu, mount Buddha, Ganesh, Langtang and scores of other mountain peaks.
The major attraction of this hilltop settlement is its rich heritage and architecture.
The village is adorned with age-old houses and temples that were built artistically, houses built on parallel line, Newari culture, clean and beautiful roads, Thanimai temple, Bindabasini temple, Tindhara, Raniban, Tundikhel and Martyr’s Memorial Park.
Bandipur is inhabited by a lot of Nepali ethnicities, while ethnic cuisines, cultural dance and culture were another attraction of this hill station.
Similarly, Bandipur is also famous for religious festivals of Newar community like Khadga Jatra, Gai Jatra, Ropai Jatra and Lakhe dance.
It is also famous for paragliding.

Source :TheRisingNepal

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