Manang Air helicopter crashes during passenger rescue mission, pilot injured

KATHMANDU, Oct 14: A helicopter belonging to Manang Air, identified by its 9N-ANJ callsign, crashed while on a passenger rescue mission from Lukla to Lobuche on Saturday morning.

The mishap occurred due to an imbalance during landing, according to Gyanendra Bhul, the Information Officer of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

The ill-fated helicopter took off from Lukla at 7:13 AM, but during landing, it overturned, resulting in injuries to Captain PK Sedhai. Captain Sedhai has been transported from Lukla to Kathmandu for medical treatment, initially by a Fishtail Air helicopter. Preparations are underway to transfer him to Hams Hospital.

Since the crash took place despite favorable weather conditions for flight operations, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has initiated an investigation into the incident to determine the precise cause of the helicopter overturning.

This incident comes in the wake of another unfortunate crash involving Manang Air, where their 9N-AMV(ASSO) callsign helicopter crashed during a Surke-Kathmandu flight from Solukhumbu three months ago, tragically claiming the lives of six people, including the pilot.

Source: Republica

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